sharps incorperated


Can I ask why the fuck the IRS has a tumblr now?
I just—-

tings muh crazi kookie baws sez to meeee

Bawz: "What is your progress with this project?"
Me: "I sorted everything into piles. This is the duplicate pile."
Bawz: "Okay, good. Continue."
Me: "Wait, I have a few exceptions. These aren't duplicates; they are just for the wrong year."
Bawz: "Well then why are they in the duplicate pile?"
Me: " didn't want to make another pile."
Bawz: "Make another pile. Organize it. *walks off* Can't have you going rogue on me."

I would like to dedicate this post to..

Dear all you cuties that I follow and sexy beasts that follow me,

You are adorable.
Everything about you. Your personality, your body, your thought process.

All of it.

I know sometimes you hate yourself for some silly reason.
Yeah, you know what, that’s silly.
You know why?

Cause I still love you.
Stay adorable. You literally make my day worth.



My interpretation of the first few days of Twitch Plays Pokemon Crystal.

This is the best fandom I’ve ever been apart of and fuck you if you don’t agree.

So I made a note to help tell my new coworkers when not to bother me.

DJ Steve Porter — “Mo Sochi Mo Problems feat Vladimir Putin”
I Don’t Make Mixes, I Change Lives (2014)

when i was a young girl

by which I mean, somewhere around 6th grade, I had already thought up my goal in life.

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The recycling bin, just like all the other useless files and documents I keep inside my head…and heart.

I was watching  Twitch Plays Pokemon while listening to Daft Punk and it was probably one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life because I made this.


random confession

watching Twitch Plays Pokémon has renewed my belief in humans.

while browsing this stupid website

Sometimes I see random model poses on Tumblr and I start thinking "How fucking cool would it be if I could look like that?" and then I think "whoa. Do you think I actually LOOK like that to someone?!" because how fucking cool would it be if someone thought you were like, I dunno, that one hot actress that everyone thinks is awesome?

The answer is very cool. It would be very fucking cool indeed.

I just…

Because no one makes excuses like Sharpie~

On a scale of 1-10 THIS IS THE OPPOSITE OF 10.

Posting stuff is hard.
I don't do it.