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I throw a lot of salt at Fukua. I know that.


describe league of legends in 3 sentences?

fuck this game. why are there so many feeders? gg, can’t carry trash.


A friend send me this with no context hwat the shit

what song is this?


Cr1TiKaL jump scare reactions.

these subtitles really dont convey how genuinely apathetic he is. his tone literally doesnt change at all.

A pineapple siracha jerk pulled chicken panini with grilled onions & roasted garlic jalapeno mayo.  Side of cilantro lime coleslaw.  Chips.  Lemon cupcake with toasted coconut.   

My coworker’s daughter is opening up a new foodtruck on campus in a bit called "The Pantry" and she just sent me a sneak peak at some of the food.



 Ok, so I kinda hate self promotion, but I know some people are actually gonna want to watch me doing this.

MY friend, Kyroge (Cheslee), gifted me this game called Five Nights at Freddy or some shit and I’m like “Sure, I’ll play it on stream tonight. Whatever.” cause I’m dumb as fuck and don’t research anything ever.

I just watched the Steam trailer….

Its a horror video game. I don’t cope well with horror anything.

If you enjoy people losing their shit for stupid things, watch me lose my shit. Tonight. Live.




CNN’s Jake Tapper Telling the Truth about Ferguson

Jake Tapper exposing the truth! He earned his stripes today.

Too important not to share

Sometimes I honestly forget, for really really brief moments, that racism exists.

This was tweeted by one of my followers and I almost vomited.

My streaming coach has words for me.

Kinda sad

Just watching the Ferguson events for the past couple of days.

Five days and the police finally decide to release the name of the officer responsible.

Does anyone else think its really funny that it took a radical internet group naming someone just for us to get some otherwise accessible information?


I kinda like how happy settling Fish Plays Pokemon is lore wise. It’s nothing you can even create on something to dark like Red. This is actually something Red probably wish he had.

No voices

No pressure

No regrets

Just a happy delusional boy with a Charmander
who seeks guidance from his pet fish.

This is canon. Ty based pioxys.

because amazing.


Insomnia Zombie again. While I agree with your points, why didnt you say any of that in champ select? I doubt you even had time to look at my stats before saying, "Too bad, three bot." I'm also confused. Ive played very few games and have (apparently) a bad KDA. You thought it'd be better for the team to make me go where I have no experience? I looked at our scores on lolking. Your support win/loss rate is worse than mine. Our zyra kda isnt that far apart either.

Another thing I’ve learned from playing so many ranked games: explaining your point in champ select will literally get you nowhere.

The game went the exact same way it would have even if I had explained my point in champ select. In fact the only difference is that it saved me a headache and frustration.

Our KDAs aren’t that far, that’s true. However, (1) I have played over 520 ranked games as Zyra support, so my average WILL be about the same as someone who has played 5 games (2) Your Zyra builds are not at all optimized for that champion at all.

(1) I understand the frustration that comes when someone is just like “I’ve played more games with this champ than you, so I most definitely know what I’m talking about”, so I won’t even argue that point. What I will say is that my comfort level is higher than yours with Zyra and I think I have a better understanding of her kit than you as well. I will also acknowledge that this is a biased point as there are people with MORE Zyra games than I who are worse at the champion, so let’s just move on.

(2) In several of your games, you do not upgrade your GP10 item, you rush Athene’s, you never opt for a sweeper or upgraded trinket, and you seem to hate exhaust. I’ll address each issue in the order it was brought up. 

  • GP10: Supports don’t make a lot of gold. That’s a fact. Your only source of gold, besides ambient gold, is your GP10 and any assists or kills you receive. As you are Silver 3 (closing in on Silver 2), you should already start to notice that kills aren’t as easy to receive in lane and that now its a farming game. Zyra is not one of the champs that does very well in a farming champion: she doesn’t have sustain, she is very squishy, and her cooldowns are pretty high early game. As such, you want to either maximize your killing potential or prepare to turtle it out to level 11. In all of your ranked games thus far, I’ve yet to see you upgrade a single of your Spellthieves items. What this tells me is: (1) You don’t truly understand the use of GP10 as you receive so many kills in lane; (2) You tend to go hyper aggressive in lane regardless of the matchup. In the some instances, aggression is fine, but against a Twitch, Rengar, and Thresh: do you really think the answer is to be super-hyper aggro?
  • Athene’s Unholy Grail: Not a bad item, in and of itself, but for some reason you seem to think this is a base item on literally all supports against every single matchup ever. The MR is not at all worth rushing for in several of the instances that you built it as 75% of the time, the team was 90% AD and the AP Carry was ridiculously underfed. Also, if you opt for this in laning phase as Zyra, you are giving up a ridiculous amount of your killing potential. A better item would be Haunting Guize and maybe some Faerie Charms or mana pots. You shouldn’t be running out of mana at all in laning phase, and I mean at all. Most of Zyra’s damage is in her autos due to her obnoxiously high range. Knock them down with some autos and then use a single spell to cc them while dealing that sweet, sweet damage.
  • Sweeper and Upgraded Trinkets: Supports are tasked with the burden of warding AND COUNTERWARDING. Controlling vision is primarily your task. Sure, giving vision is helpful, but if you allow your opponents to have vision as well, you just have to hope and pray that they can’t outplay you with that vision. I understand its not ideal in every situation, but if you notice that not a single other person on your team has a sweeper trinket, it would make sense for you (the person that is warding) to buy one, and clear out wards while providing the vision. Just a simple way to climb, honestly.
  • Heal versus Exhaust: This shouldn’t even be a real conversation. Double Heal has been nerfed. It is not good anymore. There is an entire debuff that Riot put out to stop that from working. Late game, all two heals do is make you wish that you hadn’t engaged in that fight. Exhaust doesn’t heal your ADC, but what it does do is stop your ADC from dying while giving you an amazing slow. Plus, placed on the right person, you can win an entire team fight from that. The range on exhaust is also larger than that of heal’s range, so there’s that.

Those are all the things I saw when I researched you and those reasons are why I refused to go support.

There is literally no way I could explain all of this to you in champ select or that you would even listen to me.

Thanks again for responding and best of luck on the Rift.

Edit: I would just like to take a second to thank you for being courteous in your question and not raging. I appreciate it and gave you the same respect in my response as well.


I played a game with you. I was Zyra, I called bot and had pick order over you. You said you were going bot regardless. What upsets me, is I feel like had you said, "Hey, I really like bot and I dont trust you not to feed since your a lower rank. It'd be really really great for me if you'd go mid." I would have. I think its important to listen to the team and work together to find roles best for all of us. But you acted like a child. It was disgusting. Upsetting. Why'd you do it?

Hey there, Insomnia Zombie.

First off, I want to say: thanks for asking a question. I never get these anymore. Lol

Second off, as someone who as played over 500 ranked games as both support and Zyra, let me explain to you an important thing about solo queue: don’t listen to your teammates.
They will lose the game for you. At all times. ESPECIALLY when they have less games, less wins, and a worst KDA with a champion.

Did you check out my twitch too? You could learn a few things about support Zyra there as well.

I’d recommend watching this particular clip as it shows how even without your teammates, if you’re a good player, you can still win the game.

Thanks for the question! Good luck getting to Gold~

For anyone interested, here is the game in question: [ x ]. This particular anon was the Zyra.


i like a boy but he's in bronze what do i do


laugh at him for bein a bronzie scrub and then find yoself a real man


Posting stuff is hard.
I don't do it.